Apr 16, 2005

A day of carp.

I've decided I cannot work here anymore.

Anyplace is better than here....

Mar 31, 2005

Back in action.

After a short outage...well ok, a kind of long outage.

I've decided to revive this failing blog!

Now....what to write about.

I have no idea.

At least for now.

Feb 16, 2005

Long Day

Ten hour days are rough..

But I'm used to it.

I hope...

Long day.

Working ten hours isn't bad.

I think..

3:00pm here I come...

I can't wait until I'm done today.

I need to fax my stuff over to CU Boulder....
I hope I get that job...

I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Feb 14, 2005

Breathe in....Breath out....

Got an email from my sup today. Apparently we were "ignoring emails" from our director....

Honestly, for about an hour, I forgot to follow-up. Then I did. It took awhile for the information to come in....

I didn't realize I needed to update with every little detail of the request...

Then again I guess it's part of CYA.....

I should apply CYA to my job...but I'm frustrated with it right now. I feel like I'm not using my skills at all, like I'm a piece of dirt, and I really feel like my bosses think they're better than me....

I don't like that....
I must remember, this job is only temporary...

at least I hope so...

Feb 13, 2005

I know I say it about three times a day but...

I need a new job...

I am seriously getting depressed about this...

Another day...

But the real question is...

When should I go to Ireland?

I get married on the 2nd of July...when is the quickest I can get over there?

I'll have to wait until I'm out of work to find that out...thank you SA....

Sad Sad Day

my site got hacked again...

Really kind of sucks. I left a port open I shouldn't have...and some script kiddie decided to attempt to break my stuff...

Luckily they didn't do any irreversable damage...I just shut down, copied all the data over to a different drive and began the process of recompling everything...better to be safe than sorry.

Kind of annoys me though...Someone decided to try to prove they're 1337.....

At least it keeps my install skills honed and helps me try to find new ways to secure my server.

Feb 11, 2005

Block-Rocking Beats

So I just moved this blog over to my site...let's see if it updates.

I'm in the middle of trying to get my powerbook to run linux...


Why not?!

That and I'm bored. With no Star Trek to watch...

I should mention that I have decided to watch ALL the Star Trek episodes I can...including TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY. I'll work on enterprise later...

waiting for more to show up.....

Feb 9, 2005

All the leaves are brown...

Another day, another random string of despressing calls.

I need to find a way NOT to hate this...

Unfortunately...it's all I have right now...

Feb 2, 2005

Grey Day

Today is a boring day.

It has finally hit me that I'm failing in my career. I just graduated college I know. But to be working on a helpdesk...not implementing a majority, if any at all, of my technical skills is depressing.

My Boss thinks people should work on a helpdesk for FIVE years before moving up...

Fuck that.

FIVE years on a desk...with a four year degree?

Not happening....

I need a new job...before it starts to take me down even more.

Am I that unprepared? Are my skills that undesirable?

Is the market that bad?

Jan 31, 2005

Been through the desert on a horse with no name...

Driving to work this morning was quite an adventure! I was surprised by snow, heavy snow, covering the roads and my truck. It was driving this morning that for the first time I thought about my car. My car was a contour, very heavy car (at least it seemed like). The Car always seemed to handle quite well, no real slipping to speak of. With the Truck, that's bound to happen. The back end is very light, while the front isn't. I fish-tailed a few times this morning on I-25. Just driving on I-25 is bad enough sometimes. Fish-tailing next to a big Semi? Now that's fun!

After working for about 4.5 hours this morning I get to go to orientation for my Perm position. I get to walk around the building and learn how to use email. This should be fun.

On an interesting note: I forgot to clock in and then left myself in not ready status (not able to take phone calls) for 30 minutes. Always fun. I can't believe I did that...

But it's to get out of the rain.

Jan 30, 2005

Without a book, I am lost.

Finished another book this morning. That means at lunch I will have nothing to read, save the few internet sites I read on a regular basis. That should take all of five minutes. I would check my email, but that would be blocked by our great SA's...but nevermind spyware. We'll let that run rampant, not blocking offending sites. Far be it from our SA's to actually implement a good idea.

Found another job I want to apply for. I have the right experience, and the right attitude. Sent my resume over. I expect a wait of only a few days before my glimmer of hope is shot out of the sky like a clay pigeon.

I shouldn't be as negative as I am. When you apply for about 50 jobs and only hear back from two (both negative I might add ), things get a little depressing. I begin to think that perhaps RIT didn't prepare me as well as I thought...or that I went for the wrong degree..

Then again, perhaps Denver is not really looking for Jr. Admins right now...all I know is I wish I was using my skills more effectively.

Jan 26, 2005


I seem to have a lot of this lately. I have time to read my book in the morning. This really helps keep me focused and not completely lose my mind during the day. I find that my routine is pretty much set at work. If there's one thing I hate it is a boring routine. I try to find ways to make my work, how to put this, not entirely boring and void of thought. I don't ask as many questions as I did, I constantly check for more tickets to assign/close, and ways to improve the documentation. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do about these things.
Tickets seem to come in bunches, and I usually grab the first of them. I often get the ticket that requires about ten minutes of stepping the user through a set process that I've recited several times before. By the time I'm done, the tickets that were there have disappeared. I try not to grab the easy ones, completing a bunch of those would pat my stats, but I really don't care about that. I can have the worst/best stats and I won't find any satisfaction in that. I just want to do a good job. I want the person I help to understand what I did.
Actually, that's not true. I just want them to not think of me as a "Nasty Bitch" as someone called a co-worker of mine. Granted, she isn't exactly pleasant with people..but I don't know if NB is justifiable.

Then again, I don't know what she did/said.

Jan 24, 2005

Perm: First day

This is my first day as a permanent employee...

not surprisingly things haven't changed.

I'm still over qualified for this job, and it still pays the same...

Must remember to call phone company...need phone/internet....

Jan 19, 2005

Little known Fact

The phones are quiet from 4 until 5:30. There is only one other person where with me until 6. The other person sits across the office from me, with several cube walls between us.

The silence in the morning is nice. I recently discovered I can "get away" with Reading during the quiet times. I can't believe how nice the absense of ringing phones is. Those moments are my moments of Zen. I can read my book, read the latest news articles, or just relax. I don't have to worry about hearing "I'm going to be so pissed if..." or "What a f*cking moron this guy is!"

Unfortunately...my moment of Zen is gone...

Jan 18, 2005

Fun times...

Came into work this morning expecting another boring, uneventful day.

That's when I realised that my account expired and I couldn't sign on. That is just great. I can't get into half of what I need to get my job done, but that's alright. I've found ways around that.

I had my meeting with HR yesturday to discuss my becoming a permanent employee. During this meeting I became aware of the fact I'm not making what other people who started around me are making(Long story short: People were talking where they shouldn't have been). In fact, I'm making less. My offer did not increase what I was making with the temp agency either.

I understand that this is the way things work. You work for a company for 1-6 months, not sure if you'll get a permanent job. Then they offer you what you were making as a temp, and you excitedly sign away with anticipation of becoming full time. This doesn't mean I wasn't happy about being full time: I am happy that I don't have to worry about if I'll have a job next week.

Actually, my employment is at will, so in a way I still have to worry. But at least I have benefits.

Benefits that start in two months. Becoming a permanent employee will only fuel my desire to find a better job. My supervior and my manager...sorry...director seem to be fine with me stating I'm not being challenge. Here's an example:

Supervisor: "How's it going?"
Me: "To be honest, this job isn't that hard. It's not challenging at all."
Supervisor: "Thank you! I've been telling people that for months!"
Me: "So what should I do?"
Supervisor: "Just keep doing a great job!"

Also, my Mana...err..Director asked me how things were going. I told him the same thing. His response: "That's helpdesk for ya."

I realize that I'm fresh out of school and wet behind the ears. I know I need to learn a hell of a lot more before I can even think about being an Administrator somewhere. I really need to find a job that challenges me. A job where I can learn more skills and improve upon the ones I have. The only thing I'm improving here is my ability describe a network cable to someone who does not understand what I mean.

I can't end up here forever...can I?

I need to work on my linux admin skills...yet there are not any Unix/Linux boxes here where I'm allowed to sign onto. I can only sign onto my Windows box. I understand the need for windows, but I rather enjoy *nix environments. I love the powerful command line, the non-dependancy on a gui. I know I have a lot to learn on the *nix side of things as well...but I want to learn! I can only do so much with my two machines at home.

I think I'll buy a book on Perl...

Jan 17, 2005

What a day

This day has started out on a high note. Here is the quote of the Morning (QOTM):
"I am so pissed. I'm pissed. I'm really pissed."

Yup, so far one of my co-workers has questioned getting up to come to work, gotten to work and become "more pissed than when I got up."

Honestly...this job is not that hard...

Here is a quick recap of my Day:
  1. Get up
  2. Shower
  3. Eat
  4. Drive to work
  5. Log on
  6. Check for any outstanding issues
  7. Answer phone for 5.5 hours
  8. Eat lunch
  9. Answer phones for 4.5 hours
  10. Go home

This job only taxes my ability to stay conscious for 11 hours. Then again, the first 2 or 3 hours I'm usually alone, which makes the boredom worse.

I'm not using nearly enough of my brain's capacity. I'd say I need to put forth about as much effort for this job as I do reading the newspaper: (Translation: I'm not challenged at all, and could do this job basically in a coma).

Why do I stay? Well, we all need to start somewhere...and I need money to pay off the Truck...this job fortunately pays me in money. Also, I get paid more than I did at any of my previous jobs..

This job also allows me to get an apartment with Robyn and live not in poverty.

All in all, this job does what I want it to do: Make me unpoor.

I just wish it would make me unbored...

Jan 16, 2005

Did I say 9AM? I meant noon....

Apparently the system is not up. They said Nine...then Noon...let's see how far it goes...

Back to waiting to see if the Vikings can pull off another victory...or at least not get blown out.

Jan 12, 2005

A real job

Looks like I might be getting a full time offer...

I like having insurance and the notion of a steady job.

Can I advance?

A place to call home.

Found out yesturday Robyn and I were approved for the apartment we wanted. We go in Thursday to sign the lease and all that other fun stuff.

Things have been going pretty well for us lately. We found a place to live and jobs. Granted, we want to be doing something else, but you have to start somewhere...right?

I have applied to over 20 jobs so far and only have heard back that I'm not eligible for ONE. ONE person has gotten back to me. I've tried to follow up, but you can be put on hold for so long before you get discouraged and hang up.

Can anyone think of a good way to describe a network cable that most everyone can understand? I describe it as a cable with terminations(ends, plugs, whichever is your pleasure) that look like telephone terminations, only bigger (wider). People still seem to think that the power cable is the cord I'm looking for. I wish the company would standarize on one color for the cables so I could say "Unplug the cable and tell me if the register still says online."

Of course...if someone was colorblind, then I would be in trouble...

Which leads me back to my question: Can anyone think of a good way to describe a network cable that most everyone can understand?

Jan 11, 2005

Another day.

Gotta love getting to work at 4am....

It's honestly not that bad. I get to be pretty much alone for two hours. Gives me a chance to think/review/worry/get depressed.

Ok, not really depressed but definitely think more than I should.

I had a dream last night where I grew a mustache like my Dad...With it I looked just like him.

I honestly can't ever remember dreaming about my Dad before, but this is the second one since I moved out here to be closer to him. I suppose that might be why, but where's the fun in a simple diagnoses.

My boss hinted at bringing me on full time. While this isn't the job of my dreams, it would be nice to know that I have some sort of security. There was talk yesterday that the IS department is growing, adding jobs. It may be a two year process but where there are new jobs, there has to be a position I can fit in somewhere.

Ultimately, I'll take the full time role, even if it's not what I want simply for the benefits. Being able to afford Health insurance would be nice. I'm still not sure of how I've been doing it so far. Granted I have had help from my mom, but even still, paying your own insurance a bit expensive for me.

Time to figure out if the problem someone was having is the result of a wrong file being sent or the exchange server deciding to block it.

I'm guessing the latter but the former isn't out of the question either.

Jan 6, 2005

The Audience

Not really sure if anyone reads this...

Haven't told anyone that I have it really.

I kind of started it for fun. Back during school, I thought it would help pass the time...and be a place I could try blogging again. I already have another blog...but everyone knows about it.

This...this is a bit different...

Time to leave for my meeting...fun..

Jan 5, 2005

Very Funny

I apparently didn't lock my computer before I left last night...

I could have sworn I did...

They changed all my icons and desktop settings....

Kind of funny...

Such is the beginning of another day.

Jan 4, 2005

Work mistakes

I made a few mistakes this morning...

Nothing big (from my perspective)

Lunch has helped in calming me down..

My Boss isn't that bad...I just needed to "tune" into his personality.

Don't get me wrong...I still want a job more related to my field...but this will work for now.

Looking around

I started applying for jobs again today.

I found a staffing agency with an open Jr. Sys Admin. Job.

..It's better than helpdesk.

Don't get me wrong, most of the people on the helpdesk are nice...but I want to do something more related to my job...

...plus this is in Boulder...closer to where I will be living in a little while...

I have to remember to fax my application in to the State...they have a few jobs I'm interested in.

I know that the company I work for now monitors what sites we go to and blocks certain ones...but I wonder if they check the logs....

If it's like the last two companies I work for...the answer is no.

They block the naughty sites, and probably call it a day..

If not...they see me going to here and /. quite a bit.

I'll worry when they say something to me or in general...

Until then, my downtime is here.

Jan 3, 2005

New Day, same stuff.

I really like working the early morings right now.
It allows me to catch up on all of my current events: slashdot,cnn,friend's blogs.

The first few hours are nice...

Don't get me wrong. I still want a different job. I want to be challenged. I want to have fun, not listen to people complain about this or that or who is going to get promoted next.

I just found out that I have to work here at least 90 days before I can be considered for a job opening...

The most annoying part: HR won't even tell me if I even qualify! I have to wait 90 days to find out if I can even apply for it.

Way to go HR....way to go...

Is it 3pm yet?


Jan 2, 2005

Nothing to do

So now I am on lunch at work..As much fun as that is.

I did a search through the open internal jobs...One desktop Analyst and LAN Network Administrator...

The first one another guy is going for and I don't want to compete with him...Doesn't feel right to me.

The Second (admin) job I think I could do but don't have the experience they want (Five Years).

I should apply for the hell of it for the fun of it.

I need a job that interests me...and challenges me...

I hope I find it soon.

Big Move


I got the idea that I should move to Denver...so I did.

Now I need to find a job that I can put my Applied Networking and System Administration degree to use....

That's harder than I thought. I'm working on a helpdesk right now...but I feel like I'm not utilizing my degree asking people if they have checked the cable in the back. I would like to get in somewhere as an actual PC technician or a Jr. Sys/Network Admin. Unfortunately all the jobs I've found so far are looking for SR. Admin with 5-7 years experience....


Well, for now the helpdesk pays the bills and I'm happy with that.

I'm still looking....

Anyone looking for help in the Denver/boulder area?