Jan 11, 2005

Another day.

Gotta love getting to work at 4am....

It's honestly not that bad. I get to be pretty much alone for two hours. Gives me a chance to think/review/worry/get depressed.

Ok, not really depressed but definitely think more than I should.

I had a dream last night where I grew a mustache like my Dad...With it I looked just like him.

I honestly can't ever remember dreaming about my Dad before, but this is the second one since I moved out here to be closer to him. I suppose that might be why, but where's the fun in a simple diagnoses.

My boss hinted at bringing me on full time. While this isn't the job of my dreams, it would be nice to know that I have some sort of security. There was talk yesterday that the IS department is growing, adding jobs. It may be a two year process but where there are new jobs, there has to be a position I can fit in somewhere.

Ultimately, I'll take the full time role, even if it's not what I want simply for the benefits. Being able to afford Health insurance would be nice. I'm still not sure of how I've been doing it so far. Granted I have had help from my mom, but even still, paying your own insurance a bit expensive for me.

Time to figure out if the problem someone was having is the result of a wrong file being sent or the exchange server deciding to block it.

I'm guessing the latter but the former isn't out of the question either.

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