Jan 14, 2008

Look what I found!


It's so pretty!  A message pad for me!  Now to get it to talk with my MacBook Pro...that'll be an interesting challenge...

Jan 8, 2008

Great ideas...spoiled

Over the past two weeks I had a couple of great ideas for posts. Things I wanted to write to help expand my thoughts and attempt to get a better grasp on my psyche and how it works. Unfortunately, I did not write them down. I talked to Robyn about them, and we had a good old fashion discussion, but they never made it to this site.

And that right there is why I suck at blogging. I have ideas I want to express, funny stories to tell, but I never put them up. Why? There are several reasons why.

  1. This is a public space. I mean, most of the time the ramblings are about me and why I did something, but rarely is it just me. There are other people involved. Part of me says "Mark! You were part of that conversation/interaction...you have the right to post it! Just make the other name anonymous!" Big problem with that is it would be very easy to tell who I was talking about. It's not that I would feel bad about writing about them, it just goes back to my feeling that "don't write anything that might make someone upset." If that were the case, there would be nothing ever written. Ever.

  2. I'm lazy. Often times, these ideas come to me either at work or somewhere I don't have internet access at my finger tips. I mentally jot it down to post later...but knowing me, I was sidetracked by the glow of my MacBook Pro or the latest Netflix arrival. (By the way, just watched The Invincible Iron Man, it was pretty good! I enjoyed the voice acting and the story (even if it was a bit off from the main story...but enjoyable nonetheless)).