Aug 22, 2014

The One Car, Electric only challenge!

The other day, I had to take the minivan ("Mr. Seahorse") into the dealer since it was emitting a fairly noxious burning smell.

Several hundred dollars later, I have new brakes on my sub 22k miles van.

Robyn and I were less than pleased having to get brakes done on a barely two year old vehicle.

That got us thinking: Do we need two cars? Since I work from home 90-95% of the time, could we get by with only one?

What makes this more interesting, is our second car is...a Nissan Leaf!

Can our family of four make it with only one, electric-only, car?

We decided to set out and test this theory!

We began the test this week on Wednesday, and so far (three days in) it has been good.

IT will require good communication between myself and Robyn, as well as a bit of finagling of the times I do have to go into the office, but I think it will be doable.

The nice thing is we still have the van if this totally falls flat.

I plan to try to update this at least weekly with the latest happenings, but if you think I am late, feel free to drop me a line to update this blog-o thing!

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