Oct 24, 2011

I must have pissed them off or something...

I took a sick day today to try to avoid getting massively sick.  I ended up taking a nap, and around 1:30 I felt pretty good.  I wanted to get out and accomplish something, and since my truck's inspection is due at the end of the month, I thought I would head to a local repair shop to do this.

I pulled in, briskly walk in to avoid the rain, and I'm greeted by three mechanics standing in the main office.  Right off the bat, I had a feeling like they were pissed at me.

Me: "Hey!  How's it going?"

Guy 1: "...good."

Me: "Cool.  Can I get my truck inspected?"

Guy 2 and three walk away, not really making eye contact.

Guy 1: "Well, I'll need your registration."

Me: "Sure. <Places Registration on the table>"

Guy 1 grabs a form and places it on the table.

Guy 1: "<circles the top CUSTOMER INFORMATION Area> Here.  Fill out the top ONLY."  <-- Not sure why he placed such emphasis.

Me: "Ok."

Guy 1: "Anything else?"

Me: "I don't think so.  I've got a little more time before I need to rotate my tires and change the oil."

I fill out the form, and the takes my keys.  A few seconds later, the truck is in and up on the lift.

20 minutes later, the truck is pulled up in front of the waiting area.  Guy 1 gets out, with the truck still running.  He walks into the garage, and comes back in about a minute later.

Guy 1: "All set.  That'll be $21"

Me: "Great!"

I take a look at the form, and it appears that there are notes on the form

Guy 1: "Sign here. <hands me the credit receipt, I sign it, and he takes it back>"

Me: "...So, anything I need to worry about?  Am I all set?"

Guy 1: "Nope.  It failed."

Me: "...um, ok.  What do I need to have done?"

Guy 1: "Driver's side rear tire, and a driver's side windshield wiper.  Here's your receipt, and the printout.  It will be $10 to re-test.  You'll need this when you come back....IF you come back.  Goodbye."

At this point, the guy just walks away.  Stunned, I walk out to my running truck.


As I get in the truck, I realize something is amiss....The window was down!  Now, the actual time the window was open, was about 2-3 minutes...


Why did you put the window down IN THE RAIN?


I left, and my patience was definitely thin at this point.


The thing that really got to me is they didn't even try to sell me tires, which they have in stock, or wipers, which are right next to the counter.


The entire experience just left a bitter taste in my mouth.  I honestly want to like them since they are not too far away from my house, but this is the second time in a row I felt like I did something that offended them...by showing up to give them money.


Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe I'm making it bigger than it needs to be, but it just felt odd.



Dan said...

Wow, dude, that is bullshit. Guessing they/he was having a bad day, but still, that is hella rude of them.

I'd give a call back to them and ask to speak to the manager and/or owner - let them know how you were treated. Really though, I'm not sure if I'd actually do that, as I'd likely just never go there again :).

Hoping that wasn't @ Ron's Auto - Candace got me hooked on them and the were always helpful/honest.

Mark said...

Where is Ron's?

I'm guessing it is not, as the place I went is not in Monroe County.

pants said...

that is ridiculous! you did not deserve that treatment in the least!!! If I were you I would leave them a review online...

Ron's is off of Gravel Rd, right before it merges with Empire. It's not always the cheapest, but he's a great mechanic and will always give you good advice. Plus, he has a fantastic stache! :)

Mark said...

Maybe I'll go there next time!