Oct 24, 2011

Stove saga continues!



Looks like stove is still "a work in progress."

Spent the morning on the phone with Tech Support at US Stove.  After trying several different things, they believe the controller board may be faulty on my stove.  They are sending one (overnight I think) to swap ou the bad one.


Quick note:  If you want to adjust the threshold for the Draft Fan on a 5500M, just hold down the draft fan up and the aux up simultaneously..this will change the higher threshold.  Press on when you have it set to what you want. Repeat for the lower threshold by holding down Draft Fan down and Aux down.


We'll see!


pants said...

sorry it's still not settled (though better that it happens now that in the middle of winter...) good luck!

Dan said...

Not sure if this is a VT thing or not, but we went to a grocery store near our house and there was an epic pallet full of gigantic bags of wood pellets - thought of you guys :). Hope the kinks get worked out quickly/easily!

Mark said...

Yeah, places up north (like near the ADKs) do that too. I think it just depends on the population of stoves in your area.

All the home repair stores (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) have them out.