Oct 29, 2011

Tiring, but fantastic Day!

Today, really tired me out.

Robyn and I threw a pumpkin carving party at our house.  To prepare for the event, we prepared a mighty feast: Apple cake, Banana Bread, Garlic Toast, and Homemade Meatball Sauce. Robyn and I took turns prepping and watching Anya.  I was going to bake a traditional loaf for the garlic, but Robyn knew there wouldn't be time, so she picked up a couple of crusty loaves at Wegmans yesterday.


We had 5 people (Brendan, Jack, Stacey, Brett, and Andy)show up, which was great and helped make our house feel small :)  Brendan brought two delicous pies; Sweet potato Pecan, and Traditional pumpkin to add to our feast.  There was so much good food!  I tried to convince Andy he needed to eat more than one slice of pie, but it didn't work...plus, combined with the 78 degree house (thank you stove for working!) I'm pretty sure it would have put him in a coma, or at least a really nice nap. :)

It was an amazing time, just sitting, talking, eating, and enjoying time with friends.  The kids were quite entertaining.  At one point, all the adults were in the computer room carving, and the two little ones took off for the kitchen.  I went in to see what mischief they were getting into.  I walk in, and Jack was on the table, with half a loaf of banana bread in his hand, while Anya, more than likely, was directing him where to go.  I simply said "HELLO!  I see you would like some more bread."

Jack's face was priceless.  Just a quick glance around, as if he was saying "what?  me?  Oh sure."  Anya looked concerned like she was about to get scolded, but then realized that it was ok, and threw on her telltale grin.

Here are a few quick pictures from the carving:


From Oct 2011

Side note: both my Droid X and our Camera take HORRIBLE low light pictures.  I'm not sure if any Mobile phone camera can take a good low light photo, but I think might be time to retire the Konica Minolta DeImage A200.

After everyone left, Robyn made the point that if we do this again next year with just the same set of people, there will be three more kids.  I then realized that Robyn, Stacey, and Rabia are all due within a couple months of each other.



Robyn said...

Don't forget the fried green tomatoes! ahhhh gluttony.

Mark said...

Oh yeah! those were good!