Aug 10, 2014

New Home, same me

I have neglected my Wordpress blog for awhile.

Mostly, because every time I think to post, I go to login, and realize there are plug updates, or other things that need to be taken care of first.

So, Goodbye Wordpress!

Hello Blogger!

I was a blogger many moons ago, but left when I thought I needed to have my own server(s), and control my own updates.

I've come to realize that between working, two kids, a wife, a dog, two cats, baking/brewing habits, and wanting to spend time on ALL OF THE THINGS, that sometimes, the simple things are the best.

I've got some more housekeeping to do to clean this up...and I'm not sure if the pictures from the other posts will come back. They are in my photo stream...but that would be a lot of work to go back through.

So I may (but most likely will not) go back and fix them, but it will take some time.

So pardon the dust, and welcome (back!) to my blog!

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