Aug 9, 2004

Funny Note.

I find it funny that my company blocks access to my personal site, yet lets me go to blogger, and I noticed this morning that I couldn't access my site anymore...out of curiosity I tried the other sites...I told the server team (ones in charge of the Surfing control) and they didn't know why it was...
I told them that I would just keep playing acno's adventure until they could give me a reason.

I mean, it was nothing big, I just wanted to update my wedding blog with more information. On my lunch hour of course ;)

Jul 16, 2004

I don't know why I signed up for this. I already have a blog elsewhere..

But I do enjoy orkut and is putting together some awesome projects..

Now if I could only get a job there like Travis.


My First post...

And it's lame:) OH well.