Mar 24, 2008

Google suggests...Crap!

I get a call from a Peer who noticed a very interesting thing.  In Firefox, in the upper right hand corner is a Google search window.  It's great for doing a quick search.  The other neat feature it has is google suggestions:  Placing other words in context with the word(s) you are searching for to help you do a better search and get to the information you want faster...

Only today it seems a bit off...

Antique Apples?I mean…I guess this is true in some fashion…

Two perfectly beign searches...returning suggestions with NOTHING really in common with what I want.  I mean, I guess Windows does follow DST...but I don't know if I would want Antique apples...

Then for fun...I tried this:

Umm…where now?

I mean...That's not the first thing I think of when I think of that...although I have never been to Seattle...

I think this last one says it all...


Mar 21, 2008

How do I do this?

Ever since I was 13, I have wanted a motorcycle.  The idea of driving down the road, with the wind whipping against my face and I feel the beast of a machine purring beneath me has intrigued me.  I almost bought a motorcycle twice...but both times I chickened out...mostly because I have never been on one and don't know if it will be all that I expect it to be.  Then I came up with this great idea last night:  Take a Class on how to ride/maintain a bike.  That would finally put my dreams to the test and see if they are still valid!

...Then Robyn brought up two very good questions:

  1. Do these "intro to Motorcycles" classes exist around us?

  2. Do I need a bike first before they will let me in the class?

If anyone has ideas, insight, please let me know.  I don't want to end up buying a bike and then find out I can't stand it....I somehow doubt it...but you never know.

Mar 19, 2008


So I had a machine go bad.  It was still under warranty so I called to have a tech come replace the motherboard.  (mostly because then the machine is still under warranty...apparently I'm not good enough for them to replace motherboards...EVEN THOUGH  I did about three months ago and had no problems....glad I gave into their crap they fed me today.)

Tech comes, replaces it.  Machine POSTs....yay!  All is done right?



Apparently one good boot does not mean the machine is fixed.  Now it won't boot anything.

Hard Drive?  pishaw!

CD-ROM?  So 90's!

USB drive?  What do I look like?  I'm not a call girl!

So now I get another new motherboard/Tech Combo tomorrow...

Why does this have to happen on the ONE machine I don't want to have trouble with....

Mar 18, 2008


Look!  I'm in Yosemite!  Woo!


...apparently Yosemite likes my neck and left pectoral...

Mar 3, 2008

Beer! The final Verdict...

So as some of you know, Robyn, Gerrit and I tried succeeded in making beer not too long ago (Pictures are here). After the agonizing wait for the beer to finish the fermentation, we finally were able to taste our end product!

The Final verdict? I like it! I was really afraid that it wouldn't come out and have a very vinegar evident taste. It came out alright.

I think my next test will be to make a Stout.