Mar 21, 2008

How do I do this?

Ever since I was 13, I have wanted a motorcycle.  The idea of driving down the road, with the wind whipping against my face and I feel the beast of a machine purring beneath me has intrigued me.  I almost bought a motorcycle twice...but both times I chickened out...mostly because I have never been on one and don't know if it will be all that I expect it to be.  Then I came up with this great idea last night:  Take a Class on how to ride/maintain a bike.  That would finally put my dreams to the test and see if they are still valid!

...Then Robyn brought up two very good questions:

  1. Do these "intro to Motorcycles" classes exist around us?

  2. Do I need a bike first before they will let me in the class?

If anyone has ideas, insight, please let me know.  I don't want to end up buying a bike and then find out I can't stand it....I somehow doubt it...but you never know.

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