Mar 19, 2008


So I had a machine go bad.  It was still under warranty so I called to have a tech come replace the motherboard.  (mostly because then the machine is still under warranty...apparently I'm not good enough for them to replace motherboards...EVEN THOUGH  I did about three months ago and had no problems....glad I gave into their crap they fed me today.)

Tech comes, replaces it.  Machine POSTs....yay!  All is done right?



Apparently one good boot does not mean the machine is fixed.  Now it won't boot anything.

Hard Drive?  pishaw!

CD-ROM?  So 90's!

USB drive?  What do I look like?  I'm not a call girl!

So now I get another new motherboard/Tech Combo tomorrow...

Why does this have to happen on the ONE machine I don't want to have trouble with....

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