Jan 31, 2005

Been through the desert on a horse with no name...

Driving to work this morning was quite an adventure! I was surprised by snow, heavy snow, covering the roads and my truck. It was driving this morning that for the first time I thought about my car. My car was a contour, very heavy car (at least it seemed like). The Car always seemed to handle quite well, no real slipping to speak of. With the Truck, that's bound to happen. The back end is very light, while the front isn't. I fish-tailed a few times this morning on I-25. Just driving on I-25 is bad enough sometimes. Fish-tailing next to a big Semi? Now that's fun!

After working for about 4.5 hours this morning I get to go to orientation for my Perm position. I get to walk around the building and learn how to use email. This should be fun.

On an interesting note: I forgot to clock in and then left myself in not ready status (not able to take phone calls) for 30 minutes. Always fun. I can't believe I did that...

But it's to get out of the rain.

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