Jan 30, 2005

Without a book, I am lost.

Finished another book this morning. That means at lunch I will have nothing to read, save the few internet sites I read on a regular basis. That should take all of five minutes. I would check my email, but that would be blocked by our great SA's...but nevermind spyware. We'll let that run rampant, not blocking offending sites. Far be it from our SA's to actually implement a good idea.

Found another job I want to apply for. I have the right experience, and the right attitude. Sent my resume over. I expect a wait of only a few days before my glimmer of hope is shot out of the sky like a clay pigeon.

I shouldn't be as negative as I am. When you apply for about 50 jobs and only hear back from two (both negative I might add ), things get a little depressing. I begin to think that perhaps RIT didn't prepare me as well as I thought...or that I went for the wrong degree..

Then again, perhaps Denver is not really looking for Jr. Admins right now...all I know is I wish I was using my skills more effectively.

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