Jan 4, 2005

Looking around

I started applying for jobs again today.

I found a staffing agency with an open Jr. Sys Admin. Job.

..It's better than helpdesk.

Don't get me wrong, most of the people on the helpdesk are nice...but I want to do something more related to my job...

...plus this is in Boulder...closer to where I will be living in a little while...

I have to remember to fax my application in to the State...they have a few jobs I'm interested in.

I know that the company I work for now monitors what sites we go to and blocks certain ones...but I wonder if they check the logs....

If it's like the last two companies I work for...the answer is no.

They block the naughty sites, and probably call it a day..

If not...they see me going to here and /. quite a bit.

I'll worry when they say something to me or in general...

Until then, my downtime is here.

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