Jan 18, 2005

Fun times...

Came into work this morning expecting another boring, uneventful day.

That's when I realised that my account expired and I couldn't sign on. That is just great. I can't get into half of what I need to get my job done, but that's alright. I've found ways around that.

I had my meeting with HR yesturday to discuss my becoming a permanent employee. During this meeting I became aware of the fact I'm not making what other people who started around me are making(Long story short: People were talking where they shouldn't have been). In fact, I'm making less. My offer did not increase what I was making with the temp agency either.

I understand that this is the way things work. You work for a company for 1-6 months, not sure if you'll get a permanent job. Then they offer you what you were making as a temp, and you excitedly sign away with anticipation of becoming full time. This doesn't mean I wasn't happy about being full time: I am happy that I don't have to worry about if I'll have a job next week.

Actually, my employment is at will, so in a way I still have to worry. But at least I have benefits.

Benefits that start in two months. Becoming a permanent employee will only fuel my desire to find a better job. My supervior and my manager...sorry...director seem to be fine with me stating I'm not being challenge. Here's an example:

Supervisor: "How's it going?"
Me: "To be honest, this job isn't that hard. It's not challenging at all."
Supervisor: "Thank you! I've been telling people that for months!"
Me: "So what should I do?"
Supervisor: "Just keep doing a great job!"

Also, my Mana...err..Director asked me how things were going. I told him the same thing. His response: "That's helpdesk for ya."

I realize that I'm fresh out of school and wet behind the ears. I know I need to learn a hell of a lot more before I can even think about being an Administrator somewhere. I really need to find a job that challenges me. A job where I can learn more skills and improve upon the ones I have. The only thing I'm improving here is my ability describe a network cable to someone who does not understand what I mean.

I can't end up here forever...can I?

I need to work on my linux admin skills...yet there are not any Unix/Linux boxes here where I'm allowed to sign onto. I can only sign onto my Windows box. I understand the need for windows, but I rather enjoy *nix environments. I love the powerful command line, the non-dependancy on a gui. I know I have a lot to learn on the *nix side of things as well...but I want to learn! I can only do so much with my two machines at home.

I think I'll buy a book on Perl...

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