Nov 20, 2011

A good way to move 4 tons by yourself...

That is my current dilemma.

I have 4 tons of pellets on four pallets waiting for me to pickup at the local TSC.

The manager there has been kind enough to let me keep them there, but that might not always be the case.

I need to come up with a way to move those four tons from TSC to our house, about a 7 mile trip.

Here is how it works now:

  1. Open pallet, and take half of the pallet (25 bags) and load them into the back of my Sonoma.

  2. Drive 7 miles home.

  3. Take 25 bags and stack them on pallet in the basement/outside.

  4. Repeat.

This way is the easiest from a logistical point of view: I only need to have the time move 1000 pounds around.

Grabbing the pellets this way would mean another EIGHT trips to TSC to bring the pellets home.

That is a lot of trips, and a lot of man power (from me).  The other thing with this plan means the pallets need to be opened, which means they are no longer sealed from the elements.  If I continue this way, I would need to store all the pellets in the basement and/or garage.  I like the idea of having the pellets still sealed during the winter.  If I don't pick up the pellets until January, they are just sitting outside in the elements anyway...

Here's my ideal situation:

  1. Fork lift the 4 tons into a truck.

  2. Drive truck 7 miles.

  3. Use another fork lift to get them off the truck.

  4. Store pellet pallets on the backside of my house.

  5. Move pallets inside one at time.

The only issue with this plan is I do not have a Fork lift..

I could rent a pallet jack, but the wheel width would be too wide for a normal rental truck loading ramp.

I guess a makeshift ramp could be constructed...

This now adds ~$100 to the price.  Not a deal breaker by any stretch, but I'm not a big fan of spending MORE money if it can be avoided.

I want to find a solution that is easy for me to do without having to rely on several friends to come help move my solid fuel source.  I'd also like to find a solution that isn't dependent on my truck, as it is now approaching 12 years old...I'm not sure how long Vera will be with us (hopefully 2-3 years).

I'm thinking about delivery services for next year.  I would need a pellet chute and a place to store them.

I smell a new spring project!

As far as my remaining 4 tons, anyone have an idea?


Robyn said...

well, you see.... you rent a u-haul truck... ;-)

pants said...

it does seem like renting a truck might be a good idea. Also, can you use your truck to move a bit at a time, enough that you could store it easily at your house? (ie make those multiple trips a few at a time)

I definitely think a solution that you can easily use next year and beyond is important, as this will be something you'll need to do regularly (ie- like your idea for having it delivered and then storing it somewhere at the house).I'm afraid I don't have a ton of ideas, though...good luck!

Mark said...

I have been using my truck to cart 1/2 ton loads. I'd like to take at least a ton at a time, but renting a truck every time would be about 120 bucks.

I moved a ton today, and it wasn't too bad.

I'd like to get them home before too much snow is on the ground:)