Nov 3, 2011

Turkey-Day Running!

I decided to sign up for the 40th Annual Turkey Trot Run in Webster this year.  I chose the "2.5 miler fun run" instead of the 4.4 miler.  I figure, it may be Turkey day, but I don't want to go too crazy.

I know I could do both, but the run prohibits headphones.  I always run with headphones.  I'm sure I would be fine, but I like to listen to an audio book or podcast to help keep my mind active slightly distracted.  When I don't run with headphones, I tend to analyze my run too much, and end up making it worse.

I focus on my breathing, and how it should be longer/deeper, or that my stride is not Gazelle enough.


If this goes well, maybe I'll do the 4.4 next year.


pants said...

I can't imagine a time when your stride is not Gazelle-enough. :)

Mark said...