Nov 3, 2011

Almost 20 weeks!

Robyn has another midwife appointment today.  This will be the 20 week checkup...

I can't believe it is already 20 weeks in!  This appointment won't include the Ultrasound; we couldn't find a time that worked to have them back to back.  We had back for that on Tuesday.

I think we're not going to find out what the sex of the baby will be.  We had toyed with the idea of having the tech seal it in an envelope, and opening it on Christmas as a "gift."

Our Friends Brendan and Rabia had a cake made with the color of the cake signifying the baby's gender.  I really liked that idea.  I was trying to think of way to take that idea and modify it a bit to make it our own, but I can't think of anything.


If we did decide to find out, anyone have a cool idea for finding out the Sex of your baby?

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