Nov 9, 2009


In the morning I like to go running.  It is good exercise and I’d otherwise just sit around waiting to go to work drinking coffee…at least I can justify it after my run.

With the approaching season of Winter, it makes running very interesting. The air gets colder, it takes longer for it to be lighter, and Animals start acting crazy.

Aside from Deer beginning to run into the road with alarming consistency, crisp fall air makes skunks go bat guano crazy.  The past three days, I have been “visited” by three skunks.  One crossed the road in front of me, pausing to give me a couple of curious looks.  Another was in the ditch next to the road and followed me and Oscar for a few almost seemed like it was racing us.  And the last one I think was suffering from ‘roid rage.’  This was one of the largest skunks I’ve seen, and I swear it was flexing at me and quasi charging.  Once we passed an imaginary line of ownership, it backed off went back looking for the gym.

I think racing skunk met an untimely end yesterday.  This morning as we were passing the “Start Line” I was hit with a wave of intense "ode de skunk” and just missed stepping in…well him.

Isn’t it about time for Skunks to hibernate?

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