Nov 3, 2009

Same phone, yet different abilities?

I'm going to rant a bit about phones in the US vs. Their world counter parts.  You have been warned.

Saw this post on Engadget a couple days ago and I have been thinking about this for a little bit.

The DROID has a multi touch CAPABLE display, that is being held back for what?  According to Engadget/Gizmodo, it is an IP related thing, which might have to do with Apple owning the "rights" to multi Touch and their relationship (or lack thereof) with google.  It is one thing if a company decides not to implement one feature of an API, but it is another to me when they can and HAVE implemented a function from the API for one market, but for some reason (That I may never officially know) don't for another.

This annoys me, but ultimately I'm not sure how much it will (or if) effect me.  I currently use double tap to zoom in, and not being able to pinch?  I currently don't have anything that I use that on so I probably won't miss it.  The trade off I see is that I would get Turn by Turn via Google maps, and I think that's a good trade.  I would use that more than the multi touch pinch/zoom.

I haven't seen how this would effect the virtual keyboard, but I have a feeling after being on a Storm for a year, It won't be much different than that.  I Mean,  I have a multi touch capable display that has one giant button to push: I can't multi tap on the keyboard now so It won't be that different for me.  I'm just annoyed that this happens...but being that it is Android, I'm sure there will be a firmware that puts Multi Touch in the DROID properly.

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