Nov 8, 2009

Baby Gadgets?

Many you probably know, but I am expecting my first child in just under a month!  I thought I would put out a question to everyone:  What are some good/useful baby tech gadgets?  I know it is a bit soon to get little bean her first Smartphone (needs to be at least 6 months old I think :) ), but are there any worthwhile baby gadgets?

Anyone have a suggestion to help keep family that is far away updated on baby's status?  I plan to publish updates to this blog an also update my flickr stream, but I just want to make sure that I'm taking myself out of the lack of baby updates equation.


Dan said...

So, all gadgets or just to keep the fam updated on Baby Peterson Builds and dot releases (I'm taking the "your baby is software" thing a bit too seriously I think...)?

I'd suggest using flickr - videos + photos. That, and you can have only family/friends view stuff.

For me, I'd rather not have the entire internet view pictures of my kids, but maybe that'll change and I am likely being a bit too over-protective, etc.

Anyway, I'd maybe look into one of those flip cameras - cheap video camera - and something that is easy so you don't bog yourself down with a lengthy workflow getting the video from cam to web. I say that having never used a video camera that didn't have a full-size VHS inside of it :)

Also, get her the DROID..just do it. Checked it out yesterday and it's pretty slick. The screen is supah nice - huge and plenty of pixels.

I can't think of many other gadgets - but maybe you can email the guys at Engadget and see if they want to set up Babygadget :).

Getting close! :)

markus said...

With flickr locked own, I'd need to have all my family create flickr accounts though right? I somehow don't see Grandma doing that...Clicking on a link to view slideshow...I think so...