Feb 28, 2011

Health Update for February

It’s time for another update:

Weight on 1/31/2011: 167
Weight on 2/28/2011: 164
Weight Change : -3 pounds!  Not as much as last month, but I've included more fiber in my diet, and have been really trying to not be starving myself.  I've pretty much lost my spare tire, but there's always room for improvement!

Total Miles Run this Month: 66.14 Miles

Total Milage for 2011: 127.23 Miles ...That's a lot of miles!

Total Workout Minutes This month: 728  I think I might have missed a day or two here...as it is way less than January...but the Milage seems right.

Total Workout Minutes for 2011: 1980

Total Calories burned from Working out: 8356

For the second month into this, I've definitely noticed a difference.  By altering my eating habits, and including more Fiber and greens, my Calorie intake has leveled off, and that has helped keep my weight fairly constant.

I've also added some basic Strength training a couple days a week.  Nothing too fancy, just some pushups, dips, and Plank(ing) to help improve the "T-Rex" arms as Robyn calls them ;)


All in all, Going well and I'm really enjoying it.  I've slipped a few days as far as tracking my intake, but I think I've got it down to a fairly good science: I don't change up my eating too much and stay away from Sweets...I've really started paying attention to portions, and ensuring my "helping" of food really isn't four or five.


Here's to another good month!


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