Mar 29, 2010

Round 8 is done!

Well I finished up the Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread on Sunday, and I'll get the post up later this week.

I think I might slow it down a bit, as baking a challenge loaf every weeks means I don't get a chance to make "normal" bread.  I'll still try to post once a week, but I'll probably start talking about the challenges I'm facing (bread not rising as well as it used to) and how I plan to attack them (check yeast, ensure good kneading).

Hopefully, this blog will not only talk about what I'm doing with bread baking, but about baking in general and how to fit it in to a busy lifestyle.

Bread on!


Dan said...

Perhaps a "common problems when baking bread"?

I'd certainly love to give it a go (and not use a bread machine), though our CSA this summer will give us more bread than we can likely eat :)

Nice job on all the bread photos, too!

Pants said...

are the challenges just recent? or have you been having issues the whole time? I obviously don't know as much about break-baking, but I wonder if it is recent if the change in season has something to do with it? If it's been forever, maybe a change of yeast companies?

anyway, looking forward to hearing all about it!