Oct 13, 2009

oh storm...

There are times that I love my blackberry storm. I love having push email...I love it. Access to my personal/work calendar is great. Phone call quality is great.

There are also tines that the thing is about two seconds away from being thrown against the wall. Th landscape keyboard is awesome. Portrait is a bit funky at times. (this could also be an issue with my thumbs being too big...but I digress.). I dent have many apps on the thing but it is almost out of space...why can't I save/run apps from my sd card?! Don't get started on the browser...that will be a post all by itself coming soon.

Speaking of apps...where are they? Blackberry world app does not have the breadth when compared to windows mobile or apple...I feel like I need to spend more time searching the web than my winmo/apple counterparts.

Time to learn how to make bb apps.
I should point out I wrote that post on my BB Storm While On the bus home...I have an odd relationship with my phones.


Dan said...

I'm in the same boat with my WinMo phone. I love having a smartphone but Windows Mobile is just painful sometimes. I just don't understand why it lags so much.

I'm running 6.5 and that has helped make things a bit more touch friendly, but it's just a rehash of 6.1..

All that said, I still love having a smartphone. Not sure my next one will be a WinMo one, is all :)

markus said...

The thing that has be bewildered is that 6.5 does NOT have capacitive touch capabilities. If you look at the HTC HD2, the Capacitive software/driver was an HTC thing....A third party had to put in a feature that Winmo 6.5 lacks. Ballmer and company said that they really dropped the ball with 6.5 and that 7 will be the bee's knees and make babies laugh and fart out new shiny pennies.

I think it is too little too late. And I honestly feel like RIM is slipping...5 isn't much more than a re-skin of 4.7...They need to start over from the top and really wow me. The hardware is there...the software is just completely lacking for me.