Oct 15, 2009

HP Protect Tools NOT windows 7 ready

I recently installed Windows 7 onto my Elitebook 2730p and stupidly installed the HP Protect Tools on it. I used the vista installer and figured it would be just fine...I was wrong.

It installed, but didn't really work. the Protect Tool Shield showed up, but any time I double clicked the taskbar icon, it just popped up a window and sat there. I thought I would uninstall it...but it just hung there.

I did a little searching around for how to remove it. I even tried safe mode on Win 7...no dice.

I finally just gave up and reinstalled the system. I didn't get too far in, so I figured it wasn't much of a waste.

This will teach me to wait for HP to release Windows 7 compatible Protect Tools


Markus Lentinen said...

Have you tried the following link, supposed to be for other models but if you do a version history and check which softpaq it superseeds this one links back to the one compatible with the 2730p. This version is compatible with vista and win7 so I'm tryig it out on my 2730p with vista with hopes that it works so that i can install windows 7

Markus Lentinen said...

Tested this on my vista machine and it worked fine, actually a fair bit faster than the old version. If you try it out on win 7 and it works please lte me know.

markus said...

Thanks Markus! I'll have to give that a try. I'll make sure to post if this works!

Michel said...


The link Markus send works like a charm on my HP 8710W and Windows 7 Professional.

Thanks Markum for the link!!