Apr 29, 2008

Tuesday fun!

getting back to work on Monday was fantastic. Well, not really, but it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. I hit the ground running with a lot of little things that people held onto until I returned, but not bad. I got up when my alarm went off, which is something new for me.

Usually, when my alarm goes off at 5:20, I turn it off and lay around until 6. Now, as soon as the alarm goes off, I get out of bed and get ready for the day. I used to get to the gym by 6:40...now I'm there by 6. I would start my cardio around 6:50...now around 6:20. Side note: I have no idea why it takes me 20 minutes to get from the locker room to the gym which is 25 feet away...

On Monday Morning Al, the guy who gives me my workout bag ( shorts, T-shirt and towel...there's a jock in there but I refuse to use it...I'll just use my boxers and bring a new pair for after the sweat session), asked me if I was on Vacation. I told him I indeed was on Vacation and that it was good to be back in the swing of things. He said "Good, you look like you were ready for some time off." How Right he was.

I know it has only been two days since I returned from my week off, but I feel energized and ready to face the looming projects (AD/OD integration, A redesign of a lab, and another couple lab updates) and get shit done.

I thought about quoting larry the cable guy but I refuse.

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