Apr 18, 2008

Next week.

I told myself I would write more, yet I always seem to find a reason not to...Probably because there's a part of me that doesn't want to write and have it up there, but here goes:

Got my Motorcycle Learner's permit a couple weeks ago!  I missed two questions on the test; one because I read the sign right but read the question backwards (I read it to mean divided highway starting and I meant to put ending), and then the other one I have no idea.  I can't remember the question, but I remember it having two possible answers, but one was MORE correct than the other one...gotta love those.

I've been doing research into helmets and to what style I want.  I want a full face shield, and if possible one that has interchangeable shields, so if I need a darker one for sunny days I can put it on...not a necessity but if I can find a reasonable one, I'll go for it.

Robyn and I are taking next week off for Tommy's Culinary luncheon that he'll be running on Wednesday.  He created the menu from scratch and everything is dairy free...I am expecting to be well fed on Wednesday! WE'll head up there on Tuesday night, have lunch with the in-laws and head out Thursday.  Then Friday we'll head up to Webster since Pants' shower is at 10:30...was not looking forward to getting up at 6 or 7 on Saturday to drive up there.  I hope I can get a hold of BJD and catch up.  BJD's wedding is in a few weeks (may 17th I think).

It'll be nice to take some time off of work, and not have a ton of family related things to do.  The last few "vacations" have been either for our Wedding (three years ago!) or spending Christmas with the family.  When we were in Colorado we would always day three or four day trips...nothing longer to cut down on the time off we took...now we'll use our vacation for us!

I suppose I should get back to work...since i"m out of here early for an eye appointment!


Robyn said...

ok... refresh me again on how this week off that we're taking is NOT family related? Tommy's luncheon with oma and the crew... then up to my mom's house for the weekend???

Robyn said...

. . . I need a vacation.