Apr 14, 2008

Tillin'...or not so much

The original plan for this weekend was to till up the backyard to increase the garden size by 200%. I'm not sure if that is the actual percentage, but I'm 94% sure. The plan WAS to do that...but the clouds decided to pee on us, and leave the ground fairly wet. Since our soil is somewhat mostly clay, the Rototiller would have just sat there and made a nice mud pit instead of actually tilling the ground. Oh well, we're supposed to get a couple of nice days this week, maybe the ground will dry up a bit and we attempt again.

After we realized that tilling was out of the question, we headed to our favorite place for Mid-morning snackies: Brookton's Market. After that, The VoorHeetderks called and asked if we wanted to go fishing. Since none of us had Fishing gear (licenses, poles, hooks, anything needed for fishing) we headed out and picked all that stuff up.

After we got the required accessories, we headed out. On the way, we were going to stop and looking into getting me a Motorcycle helmet, unfortunately, the place we stopped at wasn't open...and I don't think it has been in some time. (EDIT: I looked them up online and they appear open...and they even have a Myspace page!) I was pretty let down about that, but I figured I still have over a month until my class, I'll be fine. We then attempted to fish down at taughannock falls, just north of Ithaca. The weather was cold, especially with the wind. We were there for about an hour and finally everyone was ready to leave and head home...except Gerrit: Gerrit was set on going fishing.

We stopped off at Wegman's to pick up stuff for dinner and headed back to our house. Since he would not be denied, Gerrit when down to the local fishing hole in Brooktondale, determined to catch/eat a fish!

...About 45 minutes later we get a call saying we needed to get down there, he caught a fish! We all grabbed our coats and a cooler to put the fish in an ran down there. Sure enough, there was Gerrit, with his...fish. Robyn thought it might be a catfish, or something similar. I wasn't sure...other than it had a very interesting mouth...I was convinced he caught a placostamus (sp?) someone threw in the water when it got too big for their tank. (Picture coming soon.)

So now that Gerrit caught his fish, he wants to eat it.  Can he eat the scumbly fish?  Several minutes of Internets research uncovered you can eat scumble-fish.  Gerrit proceeded to cut him up, stuff him with onions and herbs, and bake him.  I wasn't feeling 100% (slight nausea, but I blame that on the hotdogs) so I did not partake of Scumble-meal.  Everyone said it wasn't horrible, and actually kind of good.

All in all, a productive weekend.  Now to research Motorcycle helmets so I know what I want when I go shopping (hopefully) this weekend.

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