Mar 23, 2007

The 24 ban

I've banned myself from watching 24 this season. Not because I find the stories silly or anything, but after Season 5, I realized that watching week after week is the only way to go. I have Season 1 on DVD, and watched 2 on air, and then watched 3 and 4 in a frenzy to make sure I got them all in before 5. Granted, if I watched 3/4 back to back, it would have only taken two days, but these shows pack a lot in. It's not like Friends, or Seinfeld where you can watch a bunch in a row. 24 needs my undivided attention. I need to make sure I watch for all the little details that may come back into play later on.

Last year: President Logan? I mean, come on! That was well written, albeit a bit predictable. Season 5 led me to want to watch 24: Day 6 even more. They had the president as the head of an organized attack!

So you might be asking yourself "Why isn't he watching Season 6?" The answer is simple: I'm old . I go to the gym before I go to work and usually get home around 5:15. Since going before work involves me leaving the house at 5:30-6:00, I generally go to bed around 9PM. This is to make sure I'm getting enough beauty sleep to face the day.

Now, I hear another question beginning to crop up: "Why not just tape it and watch it before the next episode is aired?" This also is a simple answer: I'm a spazz. Robyn is usually still at work when I get home, which means I need to prepare dinner. After making said dinner, we usually like to eat it, then have to clean the dishes. Once that is all said and done, it's usually around 8:00pm. That leaves us an hour or so to catch up on emails, tell funny stories from the day or just hang out with our..."two kids."

Not to mention I tried taping another show last year in Colorado...and it wasn't pretty.

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