Feb 9, 2010

BBA Challenge Round 2: Bagels

For the next round of the BBA Challenge, I plan on making cinnamon-raisin bagels.  The next recipe in the book is Artos: Greek celebration bread, but the recipe calls for a bram (starter) and that can take a few weeks.  I will make the starter next week, and will hopefully get it going in time for Easter.

The bagels will be fun, as I haven't ever made them before.

Look for more posts this week about ingredients, techniques, and my game plan.

Bread on!

1 comment:

Pants said...

I'm really curious how you end up getting the standard bagel shape. I have seen it done on tv with a machine, but it will be neat to see if there is a specific way to roll out the dough and twist it into a ring. or maybe it's really simple and i'm over thinking it, but oh well. have fun!