Feb 7, 2010

BBA Challenge Round 1: Anadama Bread - Pre-Baking

Today is baking day!  I'm in a holding pattern right now.  The Original Recipe Anadama bread is proofing, while the Milladama is in the sponge stage.  I worked out the different steps I need to follow to complete one Recipe and discovered from start to finish it is about 5 hours...lots of Proofing time in there.  I decided to offset the baking by a few steps.  Here's the chart I made:
The numbers are the required Minutes to complete the steps, or a conservative estimate.

Loaf TypeSoakerMixKneadProofDivideProofbakeTotal Time

If I start the soaker for the Milladama when the Anadama is proofing, that should give me the spacing I need so I don't have two competing Recipes Vying for primary fermentation space.

I just put the tacky, but not sticky Anadama Loaf in the proofing contraption.  I began working on the Millet Soaker.  If you recall, I decided to do TWO Millet soakers: one untouched, and one that I "Milled" ever so slightly.  The differences were subtle, but important.  Here are two pictures, one of each Millet soaker:

A picture of Milled MilletMillet that sat untouched

On the Left, you have Milled.

On the Right, you have untouched.

The immedate difference is the Milled has a thicker consistency, while the untouched doesn't.  The outer shell did not let any (or if it did, very little) water though.  The beads don't have a real desire to stick together.  The Milled Millet beads LOVE each other.  It has a consistency that closely matches the Polenta.  Another lesson learned by me: Always Mill your Millet.

Check back for more posts about Anadama and Milladama!

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