Nov 14, 2007


So here's a quick list:

two new tires for the truck :(

LEFSE KIT! Seriously! We both want one!

New CD/Radio/Alarm Clock.../Mini Pony
Harry Potter Movies 4 (Goblet of Fire) on up ( I think 5:Order of the Phoenix is out..but not sure)
Shrek the Third
Any Disney Movie Besides Cinderella ( we already have it)
Any Cute Pixar Movies we've missed since the Incredibles...
A Universal remote to replace our Way too many remotes.
A Ronco Dial-a-matic Food slicer (It looks so cool on the Rotisserie oven commerical!)
A better 5.8 GHz phone (the one we have now has HORRIBLE Range...Thanks Panasonic!..Or...Pantech?...P

The Chronic(what!)cles of Narnia

For me:
Heroes (The NBC show) on DVD
Subscription to Linux Journal
Amazon Gift Cards
A Wii...Well It has be on here :)
iPod Touch...because it's cool :) (maybe not a real serious gift...but shiny!)
I also went through and cleaned up my wishlist on amazon...and my lawyers will be contacting them about IP infringement! They totally ripped off my idea!


For Robyn

Brita water filter that goes on the tap (or pur or something like that.)

Glass Tupperware style containers.

Amazon Money

2 quart non-teflon sauce pot

Pressure cooker



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