Sep 24, 2011

Home projects: Heating!

This is my inaugural post in regards to home improvement projects.

Our first "Major" project will be to replace our Fuel-Oil based heating with a Wood Pellet Stove. Initially, we looked into having it done by a local resource.  Unfortunately, the cost was almost 4 times the cost of doing it myself.  Considering the specifications as to what needs to be done is all online or included with the stove, I'm going to take a stab at doing it myself.

On Thursday, I talked with the Fire Marshall about the prospect of doing this myself.  He said that most people, if they take the time to read the instructions/UL requirements, can do this themselves.  Once we are done with the installation, we just have to give the building office a call and they will verify our work.  Feeling confident, I told him that Robyn would be down to pickup the permit the next day.  $25 later, we have a piece of paper that says we can do it!

We picked up the King/Ashley 5500m Pellet Stove from our local TSC on sale.  We also picked up the vent kit as well.  This thing is a Beast!  I'll post pictures of it tomorrow, after I have a few friends over to help get the darn thing out of my truck!

So, here we go!


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