Jan 31, 2011

Health update!

I'm not sure who many people will care, but it's my blog damnit! So here are the updates from this month:

I've been using sparkpeople.com for about a month, and it's time for an update:

Weight on 1/1/2011: 178
Weight on 1/31/2011: 167
Weight Change : -11 pounds! (I think this might be a bit off...I'm not super confident in our scale, but I have definitely lost some spare tireage)

Total Miles Run: 61.09 Miles

Total Workout Minutes This month: 1252

Total Calories burned from Working out: 8315

All in all, I've felt good! Tracking my eating has shown me that there are days that I do not eat enough...So I'm working on incorporating more nuts and greens to help bring up the Calorie count, yet not adding too much in the way of Cholesterol or anything.

All in all, Going well!


pants said...

Nicely done! Is sparkpeople.com just for logging workouts? or is it all of the above?

dan said...

Mark, this is awesome - congrats on the great stats!

Are you upping your distance with the runs or staying consistent with a set route? Either way, I envy your winter-running motivation :)

Mark Administrator said...

Thanks Dan!

I'm keeping the runs consistent. With the cold, it is hard to increase, especially when your knee doesn't like the super cold. I figure, if I get out and run/walk at least 3 miles a day...I'm in good shape :)

Mark Administrator said...

All of the above. It's not the fanciest site, but it gets the job done.