Jan 20, 2010

Note about pre-ferments

So I should have known this.  But then again, I"m just starting out and got a little excited.

When you degas the pre-ferment and get it ready to sit in the fridge for a few days...make sure to put the PF in a bowl that is BIGGER than the PF...not just AS BIG.

I checked on my PF when I got home today, and it had overflowed a little bit.  I moved it to a bigger bowl, but that cause some of the gas to escape.  I don't think it'll hurt too much, but it is something I'll remember for next time, and a little piece of advice I thought I would pass along!

Before I make my Paine de Champange loaf I'll need to pick up some bread flour.  I used to think they were pretty much the same, but after reading a bit on the subject I realized they ARE different.

The Main difference is that Bread flour has more Gluten in it ( aboutg 14%) than AP (which as 8-10% usually).

I guess I could use some of the gluten I have lying around, but I'll need to some calculations to make sure that I add the correct amount.

Another project!

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Dan said...

Interesting stuff, Mark :).