May 8, 2008

Robocop 2: Or how I wished I had more beer

Seeing as though I have my rules about movies ( a post I will re-create later today), I had to watch Robocop 2.

I can't tell you how much I wished I had more than 1.5 beers to make it through this movie.  Don't get me wrong, for a "turn off your brain" flick, it was good. I had a good time watching Robo blow the crap out of Nuke Dealers, but there were a few things that I couldn't get past.

  1. That stupid like Punk.  I honestly did not care what happened to him.  I didn't really find him to be a believable character.  His first line of "can't shoot a kid" made me wish this movie would interact with my zapper so I could take him out.  At the end, when he died, I was actually glad that meant I didn't have to see him on the screen anymore.  I didn't buy his conversion, or his fears.  And he was so totally not enough of a dick.  When he was holding out on the nuke addicted (...hooker?) lady, why didn't she just pimp-slap him and take the drugs and kick him out of the car?  He's Twelve!

  2. Cain as a robocop wanna be was not very good.  He has superior armaments, but "was addicted to drugs" and couldn't do anything without nuke...yet when the psycho Psychologist dangled it in front of him, he just believed what she said and attempted to take out the Mayor.  Why not just nod your head in agreement, and then when she turned her back, snap her neck and take the Nuke???  You weapons and strength, use them!

  3. The mayor's voice really got on my nerves...almost Bobcat Goldthwait nerve level.  And who let him have some Jolt before shooting?

I guess I really should have found more Dog Fish Head before watching it....I'd better get a case before Robocop 3 shows up tomorrow...

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