Jan 23, 2007

Cluttered Confusion Consciousness

The face says it all. I'm looking at myself bewildered. I'm not sure if I'm looking at myself or a alternate reality version. I think I have everything undercontrol: My weight, My emotions, My temper, My Dreams. All of a sudden, the winds of chance change and I begin to wonder what happened to me.

My Latest doctor appointment left me feeling scared, angy and inadequate. Why had no one mentioned anything before about That? I've been taking this shit for over 8...EIGHT YEARS and they never bothered to tell me that THAT was a possibility. Sure, they told me it could destory my liver/immune system but I expected that. I didn't expect THAT. I almost didn't tell Robyn. I didn't want to worry her about something that, quite possibly, seemed rediculous. I would THINK that most doctors would be up front with their patients about the possible long term side effects of any medication they put you on...granted I was 17 at the time and probably wouldn't have listened...but they should have TOLD me.

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