Dec 6, 2006

I can see the waterworks.

I enjoy my work freedom. The freedom to do what I need to do without someone hovering over my shoulder asking me if what I'm doing is necessary or not. I enjoy being able to say "I think going to implement this" or "I wonder what will happen if I do this."

What I don't enjoy is being given this freedom, but with no means of using said freedom. I understand that this is not a binary situation: there is no Right/Wrong, On/off. I guess I'm excited to head into unknown territory for me Professionally.

I feel like a kid that's passed his Canoeing test at camp and was told he could go out on the lake without a life guard in the boat with him. I want to take my friends (dreams, aspirations) out for the ride of their lives, but can't because the Canoe is still tied to the dock and I can't undo the supershank knot. I see so much potential with this job, both professionally and personally. I really do like it.

I just wish the dock line wasn't still hooked to my canoe.

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